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Reviews for "The Room Tribute"

cool adventure game of The Room

I've seen clips of "The Room" online and it seemed like a cool movie.
This game captures the movie almost to it's entirety in terms of plot probably. The dialogues were kinda on the lengthy side. This game kinda reminds me of Pico's School... but it seemed there was so much more you could do in this game. great work!

You're tearing me apart, LISA! ... :)

If you haven't seen the movie, the game will be pretty weird/random/esoteric but gameplay-wise it's still solid.

However, if you have the same bizarre love for Tommy Wiseau's epic movie that I and all of the other cult followers of this movie do then this game is an instant favorite. Clearly you guys really love The Room, because you've captured so many of the small details that make the movie so hilariously enjoyable in all it's awful splendor. The set designs are spot-on, and the pixel characters look great. You even got Tommy Wiseau's creepy half-laugh that he does in response to pretty much everything anyone says.

Truly superb. 5/5. Now lets toss the football in our tuxedos.

He really screwed over the Nostalgia Critic

For those of you who don't know, the Nostalgia Critic did a review of The Room not long ago, and Tommy Wiseau forced him to remove the video from his website. He is the only one out of the 100+ films he reviewed that forced him to take it down.

Fuck you, Wiseau. He even told people to go out and see your shitty movie.

Thanks for the game!

A Masterpiece

I must applaud the creators of this game. It was an absolute masterpiece. The music, the replication of the characters, and the little bits and pieces they added to Tommy's story were amazing. This game is THE game.


This is now my favorite game of all time!