Reviews for "The Room Tribute"


For those of you who are sick and tired of no walkthrough, i am contributing a semi -walk of what I have found
1. in the alley on the skelton. (sinister spoon)
2. far left near the broken bridge. (rock spoon)
3.in the prison cell. (shank spoon)
4.inside the park(right side of the brushes look carefully.) (cholorphyll spoon)
5.home kitchen table. (kitchen spoon)
6.in the flower shop window. (flower spoon)
7.the electronics store inside the stereo. (al spoon)
8.outside the coffee shop on the car in the wall. (time spoon)
9.at the entrance to the park on the left tree. (tree spoon)
10. inside the fireplace at marks love shack. (fire spoon)
curtesy of innerdemons90
1. cut a slice o bread
2. put blue liquid from under sink on it
3. put sponge from next to sink on it
3. put dead mouse from bottom left corner on it
4. top with bread.
things to unsee
1.when on first day and you talk to denny, when you are supposed to go up to lisa, go to the kitchen and back to the living room, denny is on the couch playing with himself.
2. after taking denny home after the bad guy fight, go in his room and he will be crapping in the bucket.
ACCORDING TO LADYMONSTER, newgrounds member, three unseeables are
Mark and the old lady in the hot tub, (day one)
the stalker kid shitting in the bucket and
the old lady blowing up balloons with her ass (leave after the cookie and come back right away)
how to get into the secret room and the last unseeabled are still unknown.
If anyone finds more out, just copy paste my guide and add/change and give credit to me and the people whos info i collaberated.

>>Last room: after Johnny flips his shit, there's a WHOLE 'nother game to be played.

Go to Denny's room, next to it is a crack in the wall - break through it.
Go to the bank - kill your boss
Go to the park - kill the drug dealer
(You can kill all the cops/shopkeepers as well)

After Peter falls, go to Mark's room right away to see him worshipping his picture (5th unseeable). STILL can't find the 6th unseeable XD.

The rest are self-explanatory (except his coffe shop order - you have to watch the movie for that)

As far as my review: it's about TIME someone made this! GJ!

Truly Epic!

I don't get it.... It's like watching The Room all over again.


this game rocks i gonna see the movie now :D good work guys i used alot of time playing this and it was totaly worth it ^^

Oh Hai Room Game

You're my favorite flash game!

Good job, Tom et. al.