Reviews for "The Room Tribute"


Lots of medals to keep you occupied, great graphics and awesome music with good controls and cool gameplay. The jokes were all great, and it really has all the goofy charm of The Room. There was a nice level of gameplay variety with the minigames and stuff. There's even 2 ENDINGS!!! There's so much content to be explored but it doesn't force you to go back and forth too much if you don't want to. A great and funny game with lots of charm overall.

This. This is fantastic. I haven't had a laugh this good in a long time! What I really appreciate is not just the humour of the premise itself, but how there has been a clear effort to make this loveable in terms of music and art style and not just putting the comedy in the spotlight. I love it! Thank you for this! <3

great game

TomFulp responds:


I specialize in games relating to WW2, or post Apocalyptica games. But this game is the greatest game i have played in a long time. Such talent