Reviews for "The Room Tribute"

Fantastic Game

And they say video games based on movies don't usually work out.

If Pewdiepie says it, then it must be true.

Yo Tom, BRO! This game went off the rails! I gotta admit, when it first came out, i wasn't a fan, but you got me on your side. dude, the pokemon-style battle scenes, the crrepy ass kid, like dude, FREANKING RAGE MODE??? I didn't expect the gun to give him telekinetic powers and then you just kill as many ppl as you can find brfore going back to that space spoon. Did that really happen in the movie?oh my shit, lmaoo-- Good stuff. Surprisingly entertaining!

TomFulp responds:

The movie didn't have a space spoon but we assume that happened after the credits. Thanks for giving it a second chance!

Gratzi (thank you)