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Reviews for "The Room Tribute"

They should make this game for the gameboy color!

I love this game, but where do I go to record? I got stuck and I don't know how to finish the game now! Please help! (and the game was simply great!!)

Way way better than the movie, its a good point and click and a extremely funny game. It has a toon of repleability and even costumivation. The only bad thing about its that, is too easy, maybe adding a difficulty level that you dont have tips, but this issue can just be passed away cause its a great tribute to the movie, even if there was a "hardcore level", it would still be easy. What its not actpetable is he lack of actual puzzles. BUT, its great for every movie lover and flash gamer

I just played this through, and had a great time! Thanks for such a fun tribute to The Room. It was both hilarious and accurate.

Here's how to make movie games!