Reviews for "The Room Tribute"

This Is My Religion

Man, when I signed up at new grounds back in 2010 I did not expect to fall in love like this.

I saw this game come up somehow here and I have never at the time seen the movie. I played it in full in one sitting and by the gods my eyes were opened. I was curious on why there was actual voice actors that sound like its clips from a movie? So I read the description and I was like OH ITS A MOVIE?!.

and then I watched it... I fell in love again. I saw the room ALL because of this game.

for that, I thank you GOOD sir.

I can see that a lot of work went into this, got to give you guys credits. The gameplay is simplistic, music make it's doing setting the mood (wasn't particularly fond of the overworld track, thought it kind of got dragged out and got a bit dull after a while, but perhaps that was intentional?) There's plenty of stuff to do and secrets to find. It was an entertaining journey.

I un-ironicly love the movie.

ah-ha ha