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Reviews for "The Room Tribute"


great game dude keep em up.


Best ever!!!


Extremely well programmed and all the 8 bit media that accompanies it! I remember playing these types of games when I was REAL young and it brings me back!

I am huge point and click fanatic so there is nothing better then a well developed flash game point and click.

It's inspiration to see a movie remade in an 8-bit form too! Great job guys.

I DID NOT HIT HER ITS BULLSH***!!! oh hai mark XD

JokerGirl ive seen that review as well haha xD i hate teh chick shes a slut XD that movie has the worst actor eva xD

You're tearing me apart, Lisa!

This is-- without a doubt-- one of the best fan-games I've played! I actually came across Nostalgia Critic's review of "The Room" before I saw this game, and I must say, I cracked up at the dialogue and the pixel animation in this game (the shower scenes made me laugh)! I think the ending bit of the game was the best!
I think someone recently mentioned that the game is a little repetitive, and I do agree with that, but overall, it's definitely a game worth playing and re-playing!