Reviews for "The Room Tribute"


I'm addicted to this game! I keep playing again and again to find more easter eggs! I'm only two medals away from perfect, and I'm determined to collect them all.

Gyahahahaha it's very Funny

It's lil' tricky but fun game!!

I was at the beach today....

We played a game of catch but I forgot to yell "Cheep cheep cheeep cheep cheep!!!" Live and learn I guess.

Great game, very true to the spirit of the movie. Probably one of the greatest pieces of fanwork I have ever seen for a movie. The music was spot on and the art was great, but the humour was wonderful. I dont think i've ever laughed while playing a flash game as much as I did while playing this.

I haff to go nao lisa baiii.

Great Game!

But CCould I expect anything else from Newgrounds Creator Tom Flup? Also For those of you who don't know this, you can press S to skip dialog.


The ending when you collect 10 spoons is hilaroius