Reviews for "The Room Tribute"

I did not hit her. It`s not true! It`s bullshit!! I did not hit her. I did not.

Oh, hi, Mark.

How's your sex life?

This game is great, anyway, how's your sex life?

weres the kitchen

I first known the room by this game back when it went out on newgrounds. I played it, and I don't know why I played it. Because not knowing the movie by plaing the game was so strange and misunderstood lots of sentences.

So after I finished the game, I thought the face of Wiseau was Johnny Utah face....and so I looked it up on the internet who was johnny Utah LOL.
And one thing to another, I fell on the movie, watched it once. Then watched it 5 Times in the same month.. LOLOLOLOLOL.

Thanks newgrounds, without you I wouldn't even knew that The Room would exists.