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Reviews for "Gunbot"


Fun, and awesome. Another win by Berzerk.


no ammo


this game is awesome the funny intro and specially the end of the game you know when u beat tha moster (arrrgg for some evil reason the world have to die arrggg) ok i have some sugetions if ur going to make another part of this game here are my sugestions 1melee atacks sometimes im out of ammo so i think i have a big gun so i can smash my gun in his head and break his skull but there are not melee atacks 2 upgrades the first time i see the guns and the stat bar i say cool upgrades but how u see there are not upgrades 3 the skills are boring i mean u have to be more originally why not a mega ray or a sword i dont know but those skill are anoying.thanks for read my review

Great time

I had a great time playing this. The controls, weapons, shields ect, worked out. If the challenge level is too high then you can replay previous levels, or keep collecting cash trying to beat the current level until you can buy stronger shields or better guns to level the playing field to your skill level.
The graphics were up to par with the style of game it is. The variety of enemies was nice.
My largest and only complaint was lag. I doubt it was my machine and I have a very fast internet connection but when too much was going on the game would lag. Bits and pieces of this aren't a big deal but collectively over time I think about how much of my time spent playing it, is waiting through the lag.
In my experience, the game had some levels that were harder than others, not necessarily in progressive order. Then the last level was notably harder than all the previous ones.
I liked it, had fun and look forward to the sequel.


nice game dude, that's all