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Reviews for "Gunbot"


just a bit confused about the reload time on the weapons
does more bars on the reload mean less time or more time :S

Ha lazers!?

I am a shotgunner! I shoot things at close range with tri-shot shotgun and no matter the odds I come out clean! A previous reviewer states lasers being overpowered, but I can't use those things cause of the straight edge. I kill in direction, when you shoot at an enemy you have to rely on a straight bullet to hit multiple targets to get max effectiveness. I like shotguns cause they do massive damage while spreading to a random assignment of direction, while the tri-shot is more a precise version. Enough on that, onto the REVIEW:>> Alright, I got to admit, I really enjoyed this. Sure the story could have been farted out my a rhino, but who needs a reason to go around and shooting things all day? Plus to that is you gain skills to do cool things and to help murder tons of lizard/metroid/dinosaur things. The graphics are decent enough that I get to enjoy cool gun effects and still tell what is an enemy to the background. The overall flow from jump-shoot-double jump-reverse direction fire, is all very well placed. I also like how you can slowly gain diamonds for completing certain achievements and eventually work up to getting a premium gun. So I say: -2 story, +4 upgrading system, +2 on good killing music, +3 on a fair length in the game, +1 from just cause it is seriously fun.


But does anyone else experience bad slowdown? It's probably just because I'm playing on my net-book. But still, an amazing game.


nice game dude, that's all

What an amazing game it is! It had really good graphics, epic guns, a very intense and cool soundtrack and also a hilarious storyline, I love it! Way more creative than all of those "Oh nononono, our mozarella princess got kidnapped by a reptile with wings or somethin'. Go save her, you son of a b*tch. Instead, it just made fun of the "typical" story lines that you would usually see in those types of games, which is awesome :D

I also liked the fast paced gameplay with all the cool movements and guns that the game had to offer, kind off sad that I can't invite friends in it and get diamonds in order to unlock the premium stuff :(
Besides, I was irritated by the fact that as you kept upgrading your shields the cash bonus would sometimes decrease and the XP bonus increase. I was level 5 in the first world already, it's completely useless in the later stages and I always wanted my cash bonus to be as high as possible :/

Also, I think that the level design and the enemies get quite repetitive at one point, but that's not too bad.
Still, fantastic game you guys made. It gave me a lot of fun in the last two hours ;P