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Reviews for "Gunbot"

The balls on this thing are HUGE.

well, what can i say. this game kicks major a** here and there and everywhere. unadulterated brainless run'n'gun entertainment, as crisp and action-packed as only can be. it's got tons of style and a definite sense of achievement when you beat a level or get a shiny new piece of equipment. keeps you riveted.

the soundtrack rocks my face, the gameplay is smooth and a load of fun, the art is colorful and top-notch and the deliberately vapid storyline is hilarious. one of the best shooters on NG i've ever played.


jerks my comp has 1 gb ram 250 memo and it dosnt run on its own . WHY ? put resolution on low jackasses

this is the great game!

your games never cease to amaze me!!! never stop making flashes!


hard but awesome

very nice and interesting game ya....