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Reviews for "Gunbot"

Awesome game

For the people bitching about how they die in two hits, you can buy a better shield. Only thing that was funky is that you could sometimes shoot an enemy threw walls and sometimes you couldn't. Everything else was pretty much perfect for this style of game.

love it

great game my favorite skill was the double jump haha i have lot of funs dodging bullets and monster with that xD
u should do a multiplayer that will own great game
make a seq with multi :D

for me theres no glitch no nothing but

its hard at the start


awesome game dude you should make another one

Great Memories.

Well to start off, I'd like to mention that this game reminded me of Jazz Jackrabbit (An Old DOS Platformer from Epic MegaGames), the cutscenes, the music, it had a familiar feel.

But, Anyway, I love the music, the fidelity of gameplay. The differences between guns could have been emphasized more, but even without the variety, I give it a 9/10. I'd like the idea of a story that wasn't actually a real story, it's no new, but I like it everywhere (until it's not overused).

Overall, great game, guys. Hope to see more Berzerk Studio productions! :)