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Reviews for "Gunbot"

Nice Game! The guns are great, game runs smooth shields are awesome. Plus story is awesome too.

Eh nothing to special here to he honest. It was an okay game, good graphics, good animation, I didn't run into any bugs, I didn't experience any lag issues, or not being able to jump onto platforms like others have said. I also enjoyed that funny little intro. All in all 3.5-4/5

Feels horribly slow and I cant jump very high, cant even reach most of the platforms

very nice! I like the "story", the art, and the gameplay is very smooth.

But the laser guns seem a bit overpowered - one shot with the laser does more damage than one shot from the guns that are supposedly more "powerful" according to the specifications. Also, it always bothers me when bad guys can shoot through walls and floors, and you can't. The same thing happens in mechanical commando 2.

I've played this before, and now I remember why I was annoyed by it. Ok, it's fun. But you know what? Ads between every level gets old REALLY quick. Especially when you already have "premium" stuff available. There's not even any really great or groundbreaking gameplay here. It's a re-skin of any number of WASD shooters, and you don't even attempt to give it a coherent story. This game is literally nothing but an attempt at creating a cash cow. I'm not saying "Oh you sold out" or raging at you for trying to make money. I'm as much of a capitalist as the next guy, but there are limits to what is acceptable, especially in a Flash game. IMO, this exceeds that.