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Reviews for "Gunbot"


the music is so awesome


nice action shooting game...


good job

it s ok


Pretty good, but flawed.

The Game is actually quite Fun. The Animation is fluid and the Artwork itself is nice.

However, gaining Money is quite tedious and the Levelcap is too low, it also would have been a good Idea to add Regeneration of Life.

Missile enemies are too fast, the can often get two Missiles in before you get to a shot in, one would think that a normal Gun would be alot faster then a Rocketlauncher...besides that, the idea of the Enemy itself isn't too great, between your own shoots, flying Enemies and enemy fire, it can become difficult to see a Missile coming aswell.

I don't understand why, but the Game tends to get slower the longer you play, I have 8gb of Ram, and a Quadcore clocked at 3.33 Ghz and still, even on the lowest Setting it will eventually ''Lag''.

Nice Game, but it could be better if you worked on some of these Issuses.