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Reviews for "Gunbot"

i've plad this game on adictinggames.com
and playd for an hour

Gunbot is sexy.

I'm in freakin' LOVE with that music ! That's just raping my ears, IT'S AWESOME !

very nice and interesting game ya....

Ok...this game was ok....but there were a lot of things i didn't like about it.

Gameplay: gameplay was good, it felt very fluid, but no huge points where this game shined...also...dunno if im the only one....but the boss in 2-8 bugged and couldnt move after an attack off a ledge.....might wanna work on that

Graphics: probably the best point about this game. the animation was very well done, and the art was good. However, most of the villians look like rejects from donkey kong country =]. anyway...well done, i loved the fluidity of it all, it felt almost like playing alien hominid on PS2.

i loved the lack of a story as well

major drawbacks...the achievement system.

I understand we all need money, but with the achievement system how it is, you have to do all kinds of random crap (half of which doesnt even involve gameplay) and if one does successfully get all the achievements then he gets a gun thats only slightly better than the best gun you can buy. and remember...this includes beating the game AND buying EVERYTHING in the shops (and i dunno if that includes the prem shop) so after all that running around, cash grinding and fakbooking, youre left with something only marginally better than your best gun...not cool guys. i understand making money....but this is just patronizing. if you wanted to make a prem shop....make a prem shop. if youre gunna make achievements....make achievements. If youre gunna make said acheivements worth something...make them carry some fkin weight!!!