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Reviews for "Gunbot"

WTF its cool

Wow the game is amazing


This game is the most awesome thing this year. AWESOME AWESOME!

It's good....but

It's fun and worth playing, but it has it's flaws.
Like the edges randomly turning solid like the guy before me mentioned.
Also I think there should be an option to switch between how you fire.
Like weather you point and click or just have a button to press and fire straight.
The point and aim thing gets a lil annoying really, especially if you click off screen.
Otherwise, good game if you look over the flaws.
It's good, but not good enough to save you from a 7. Sorry bub.

ok so yeh

it barely works for me. The cross-hair mouse pointer doesn't move with my mouse, so I can't select anything on the menu. In-game, the mouse cross-hair is choppy as hell, I can barely get it to aim properly. I'm running a brand new iMac with a banging graphics card and a massive res screen so I don't think it's my computer. Shame really, cos I like the idea and the art is great.

Flaws ruin good game

There's a good game here, I'm sure of it but all the flaws and glitches ruin the fun. for one after how broken the challenge/day diamonds thing on the last game was, I was expecting at least some kind of improvement but it's still just as broken as before if not more. ledges will randomly become solid laving you to end up touching the lava/water/air and dieing which is another thing, if your going to have a health bar don't make obstacles instant death! it defeats the purpose and is more annoying than challenging. the story starts off kind of funny but since it re-uses the same joke where it's all made up on the fly and it gets old really fast. And what's worst is the incredibly pointless challenging friends bit, the fact that it's worth more diamonds than beating the game and collecting every star is ridiculous! your pushing the friend function more than the entire single player adventure itself! why?!? the only thing I can think of is that your trying to make people buy the diamonds which I've gotta say is just disappointing to say the least. overall this is pretty disappointing hopefully you guys learn from this and quit trying to make a profit on something that you shouldn't have to pay for in the first place!