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Reviews for "Gunbot"

not enuf hp

get touched twice your dead.not even kall of duty is that difikult


Only one problem. Two HP?! That's ridiculous! Level 2 is 2 hard!!!


Awsome game! plays almost like earthworm jim. kick ass guns, lots of stuff to buy, and a pretty good made up plot. However ther is one tiny thing thats keeping you from getting a perfect 10.? do you know what it is? no? fine I'll tell you, It's that every time you beat a level you haveto watch a stupidly retarded commercial. this is a game. a game coming from a free to play gamesite knowen as newgrounds. we have enough ads and other shit to navigate around as it is, but to stick it in our face, that just tells us that Berzerk studios must be failing $$$ and is very close to the gutter. I will let you off with a good score this time, but. if you EVER do this again, no matter how good of quality the game is.. I will give you a not so pleasn't score and perhaps even rate you on the red half of the submission vote scale. But other than that, keep up the good work.

so awsome

i would buy this game all day


the music is awesome