Reviews for "Addicting Game"


If you pause the game after you complete a level, you can't continue.

Other than that, I love this game.

nice game

theres a bug with the medals, I got the 800 coin total medal during level 22(there are no coins there) and somehow I ost the 200 coin medal D=


i don"t what happened with the game, i think it's brocken, really, i got all levels medals for 5 secs and didn't get eny coins... WTF!? well, i don't mind getting eny extra medals, but it was not even addicting, cuz the game just don't work right...
Fix it!!! and then maby i will play it...

No thanks

Pretty much the same as Death Dice Overdose. And the artwork is bland.


Pretty odd that it's called "Addicting Game" when I had to struggle to play it!!