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Reviews for "Quick Switch"


very creative and addictive fun. 5S


I fuckin liked it! Good work!


and really challenging...
but it would be good if we had a RETRY button, 'cause waiting till the ball fall to start again sucks...
and maybe a READY? or something in the start of each level...
and I never know from where is the ball coming...
and it sucks, too...

Simple and awesome

This game was one of the funnest games I've played in a long time. I loved absolutely everything about it except for the music. It's fine for a while, but then it loses it's flair. The only thing I might suggest is possibly adding some trophies or bonus starts that are harder but not necessary for completion of the level. Those are two small things thought, AWESOME GAME :)


There is a glitch where if you press menu and the ball is collecting stars as it falls, the noise continues, whether or not you turn sound off.

Otherwise the game is kinda challenging, and takes a little to figure out. I enjoy it.