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Reviews for "Egg Matching Pair Panic"

Not bad

Not a bad game. Its fun at times but I find myself quickly growing bored of the same thing.

By the way I believe the title screen song is an altered version of the level tune from the DuckTales game. Just a guess.

A good time-waster.

It's par for the course. Nothing special, just another matching game. But it's perfectly fine for what it is, and the monster designs are cute to look at.

One change I would like you to make would be: Switch around the menu and game music. I'd much rather hear that rock remix of The Moon while matching instead. (What's the name of the remix, by the way?)

fun but..

there is no pause?! in a theoretical situation, what if i've been playing for 2 hours and i need to pee and... i die?! v_v the ending is also so sucky. quit. huhh?? how about a 'congrats! you got XXX points!' or have a snarky comment based on the amount of points you get? i also totally agree with JIZZL2thaE. how about adding a beep beep in the last 5 seconds which gets faster as the time decreases to add the excitement factor? or some flashing lights to get us all addicted? or monsters that you reduce time when you click them? haha yeah just ideas. otherwise its just another cute game.

Nice simple game. Decent graphics and music.

Cute, but what's the point of having a 'turn off sound' button that doesn't turn off sound?