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Reviews for "Egg Matching Pair Panic"

The music is too annoying

And the matching game has been used to the ground

Very cool little flash treat

Its not trying to be anything it isn't, its fun cute and enjoyable. Liked the choice of menu song, though its almost to long and complex for a menu tune, I think for a game that can be played so many times, there should be different songs too, maybe some other Ocremixes? I can't help but play this game many times, I like the different creatures, its fun to see new creatures pop up in later levels.

Duck Tales =D

That's awesome. I gave 9/10 because of the graphic/poor menu, but the rest of the game plays just great! =D

8950 First time

Was a lot of fun. I thought all the animal thingies were really cute and I liked everything about it. Good job. The Music should have changed once you got into higher lvls. Better music and quality while you leveled up. THAT would be cool. Or stick some simple mini games in certain (Like "every 10 lvls)" intervals that give you lives perhaps? Like simple space shooter or "dont catch the bomb" game. The game was fun.


I love these, 'cause I'm good at them.

Score's at 1674308 now though... Yeah... It'd be better if there was some way to "win" really!