Reviews for "Crush The Castle 2"

Great fun

This expanded on the concept, the new ammunition made for interesting strategies, and the storyline was actually fun to read, too.

Here's a great drinking game btw: Play random castles on the people's empire and take a shot:

- When the map is unwinnable because the guy forgot to put people in it
- It is a ship or a "lol I stack so many explosive it lags and goes boom" map
- it is a gun, tank, cannon, guy shooting a gun, or ejaculating penis (The Kings amazing Facial)
- the castle crushes without you doing anything because it was so sloppily put together

You're bound to be very drunk very fast. Bonus shots when the castle is actually well made an creative.


I really like the game, and good thing too, that there's other weapons and things like that. So 10/10

Rather Addicting.

I really like this game. just a few tweaks, and it will be perfect!
sometimes the constructions won't kill a character, because they're still upward, I had an issue where a iron bar fell in a knights head and it didn't kill him, but turned into a balance of some sort, kinda funny :V


very fun game :P

great game

the best weapon surprisingly was the 3 steel balls I BEAT IT IN ONE HOUR IVE GOT BALLS OF STEEL