Reviews for "Crush The Castle 2"

I loved it

More fun than the first, slow at time but I forgive it due to being so much fun.

gangsta as expected!!!

i expected nothing less, from the makers of the first castle crusher. woot. this games was fun. but what is the secret achievment? no matter how hard i tried, just couldn't figure it out. welp amazing game none the less.

Even better than the first

I really enjoyed the first crush the castle game and the player pack for it, it is a huge improvment that all the other player levels are now in a seperate section of the same game, and the new weapons add i nice bit of variety to the tactics necessary to complete the game

slightly off topic: and to whoever made the level "impossible in under 10 goes" i did it in 4


Big upgrade from the first, which was awesome.
P.S. the 6shot "indestructible castle" of your all time list.
I got it in the first shot. (no black hole potion either)

Great game but I am rating this a zero because of ads.