Reviews for "Crush The Castle 2"

A Medieval 'Toss The Turtle'

I know there've been a few games like this one now, but this one is actually okay. Aside from annoying gameplay in which no matter what angle your throw, the same drop position outcome drives you insane.

It's good but nothing that special.

btw, on this page where it shows the medals, spelling mistake that says 'RemoVe bomb' instead of 'RemoTe Bomb', the trophy is 'You're Doing It Wrong'.

good game

just fun to kill the king:)


last potion is awesome funny
castle builder is a nice idea and that one can crush player castles is god.
so guys thx fo yo hard work and of course this gets 5/10

love it

The last weapon you get (when you have gold in every castle) scared the shit out of me. I didn't undertsand what it did first when it just flashed but suddenly...HOLY SHIT!

Awesome game!

Couldn't stop playing untill i had gold on all castles and then i played custom made castles. What i'm saying is: awesome job! ^^