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Reviews for "Crush The Castle 2"


I'm sorry but on top of not seeing anything all that new in this game much of the physics of some objects seems way too off for this to be enjoyable.

you probably could have held off releasing this and added more to it

All i wanted and more

good stuff !!

So Simple

This game was so simple, and yet I've never had so much fun killing two dimensional characters.


A pretty decent game, not the best. Merit for Fullscreen - Right-click on the game, then press 'Toggle Fullscreen' for Fullscreen mode! You could improve it a little bit by making it a bit more original.

A Medieval 'Toss The Turtle'

I know there've been a few games like this one now, but this one is actually okay. Aside from annoying gameplay in which no matter what angle your throw, the same drop position outcome drives you insane.

It's good but nothing that special.

btw, on this page where it shows the medals, spelling mistake that says 'RemoVe bomb' instead of 'RemoTe Bomb', the trophy is 'You're Doing It Wrong'.