Reviews for "Crush The Castle 2"

A truly incredible sequel that has not aged a bit in 7 years. one of my fave flash games ever made!

Would really like to change sound volume.

10/10 would Willhelm again. Great Gameplay. These devs are amazing.

Aw man, this game is one of the best in 2010.

This game alone is better than Angry Birds because it has: real physics, a balance of award, pretty funny most of the times, great graphics, no cheap micro-transactions shit, and more addicting. I love how the gameplay is develop, the certain number of castles you destroyed, the better your weapon is. What makes this better is you can play users levels on this game to keep the fun going. I also love how atmospheric the levels are.

Overall, this one of the greatest games and a classic too. I will never understand why people thinks this is average or bad, I mean you guys are suppose to have patience with this. Well, I will never understand but I will understand why this game is awesome.

This is a pretty good game but the last level was really HARD and challenging

If i would rate this, i'd give a 4. why a 4 instead of 5? Because the last level is really challenging.