Reviews for "Bum Nuts"

Homeless People

Strong homeless characters are under represented in media nowadays.
This in no ways makes an effort to change that. And I'm fine with it.

You need to be banned!

Seriously. Whenever a new Destructobox is released I just stop what ever it is I'm doing and watch it, again, and again, and again, and again....and again.

Now the roast has burned and the wife is clutching a rolling pin and glaring at me.

I mean, egads old beans! I appear to have lost my British accent that time! Sporting good show old bean!

DestructoBox responds:

Thanks old sport!
And bean!

Sport beans?

Mary is hot. Your baby is black.


I laughed so hard.


mary's hot... your baby's black... nap!

i normally dont write reviews but this more than merits a good word or two, both for this episode and for the series as a whole. i love destructo box and this episode has to be my favorite so far (with the lint trap pulling a close second). i know a lot of people have really praised the amount of depth and character youve been able to get out of this style but i have to say it myself. i love the characters, the animation, the dialog, everything about this is awesome. the voice acting is perfect and the jokes are unexpected and hilarious. in both the shorts and the full length episodes you never disappoint and i know you'll continue to keep up the amazing work you've been putting forth. so from a loyal fan, cheers destructo box, and thank you for the truly great work you've given us, keep up the phenomenal work.

DestructoBox responds:

That's awesome dude. Thanks for the awesome review. Really nice to hear that it clicks with people, especially with the limited look we use. We'll continue tell our dumb stories as long as people keep watching!
Thanks buddy :D


is he okay? thats not normal... btw I KNOW WHY HIS BABY IS BLACK HES BEEN CHEATED ON OR HE LIED!!! DRAMATIC CREEPER BOOM. no seriously is he okay? hes got quite a hit on the head and the bottle didnt make it any better.