Reviews for "Bum Nuts"

Not bad

Its not the greatest thing on newgrounds. But its not bad. I look forward to more.


The end was great!!! Plz keep making these!


the comedy was a little dry for my taste, funny plot but jokes that came with it werent great.

DestructoBox responds:

Thanks for watching anyways.


you see you can really give it a good story... but its the animation that i don't like and i think that it is very easy for you to create flash

DestructoBox responds:

Its definitely off on it's own style. Not for everyone

Thanks for watching!

i am a big fan of ditracto bux but...

this video really suks the story very bad and that why i give 4 /10 becuse i really disopment

sorry for my bad english distracto bux rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!