Reviews for "Bum Nuts"

'Play dead'! XD

Out of all the "DestructoBox" cartoons you have done so far, this one HAS to be my favorite. My favorite part would be when Brett was falsely accused of burning his own home, when it was really drunk Joey and Phil. Also, I'm surprised that Phil didn't die when he "played dead". XD

However, if you're wondering why I gave a 9/10 for an epic flash such as this, I found Phil's actions of "playing dead" and "napping" were funny, but also a bit random. Of course, I really shouldn't make such a big deal about this.

Also, who is this "Brett" person? Is he as real as you two (Phil and Joey)? :\

Still, nice job. :)

DestructoBox responds:

Brett is indeed real. He did voices for us in the early incarnations of DB and made his grand re-appearance in this episode. He will most certainly be back ;)

Good job!

A bit slow in the middle, but the animation looked very smooth.

DestructoBox responds:

Brian Kicked it up a notch :)

Great Series

I love how you guys have your own originality and the funny stories, always something to make me laugh :)

thanks guys :D

This is probably one of your funniest episodes. It's most likely because it's just great to see that one guy hit his head. No, I still haven't remembered what these guys' names are! Heck, they're not even called by their names in the cartoon! The animation and voice acting was as amazing as ever. I knew things weren't going to turn out well for the bum in the end.

I thought it was funny when he mentioned growing a beard. My brother grew a beard once, out of laziness and he looked like a homeless guy. I guess now everyone involved with him is homeless. He is kind of a moron so it's funny to see him get beat up. I knew there'd be a prison joke like that at the end.

i dont get it

the art is really good, but the characters are cheap, other than that though it was funny so 8 and 4