Reviews for "Steam's Wonderful Contraptions"

This is an NGADM Round 2 review.


No way man. I can scarcely believe my ears. I always thought you were an excellent composer since your audition, but thought that the thing that stopped me from considering you indistinguishable from professional composers is your production quality. Mechanical Anima had that lack of low end, and I felt that Skyfortress - City of Diz got a bit cluttered at times, so I always thought your production quality, while usually good, would be your bane. I stand entirely corrected and dumbstruck. That was masterfully produced. Everything is crystal clear and mastered so well (especially that amazingly clean low end). Don't get me started on your sounds as well... again you use Edirol, a VST previously known by me as being fairly low-quality, and your sounds are just perfect.

You mix in sound effects flawlessly, giving this a distinct vibe that's indicative of your style, but at the same time this is a whole universe away from your Round 1 track in terms of mood and genre. I loved that train whistle as well! It added so much to the atmosphere. What I like the most about this track would be your rhythms though. Everything sounds so carefree and rhythmically you have huge amounts of variety. Your composition is also fantastic; plenty of lovely counterpoint, harmonies, shifting the melody to various instruments, etc. Of course, I can also commend you on your brilliant structure, transitions, and so on, but I think we can take that as a given in your music now.

Finding issues in your music is like rocket science, I'm telling you. Really, the only gripes I have is that sometimes, the composition feels ever so slightly flat, but your rhythmic excellence makes up for that. Also, I feel like the train whistle at the end was unnecessary. It feels like it works more as a background element, and when you added it at the end I firmly believe it ruined the subtlety of the ending.

Those two minor nitpicks aside, this is just incredible. Keep up the excellent work.

Score: 9.7/10

steampianist responds:

Hahaha thats why I make it up for the composition and im so happy you loved the train whistle haha
Ah edirol. My oldest vst you make me feel like im the only one who
Carried an 18th century pistol and went to a modern warfare haha

Again thank you for the awesome review and I always look forward to your nitpicks

A lot of your songs really do remind me of Paper Mario. This one is really great. Seriously though. I might come to you in a couple years.

steampianist responds:

Its so weird. I never even played paper mario that much haha and thanks for listening and ill be waiting. I think hehehe

Paper Mario anyone?

steampianist responds:

:D interesting game

This makes me happy, reminds of a whimsical movie :D. Great job friend

steampianist responds:

Spread the happiness.! Thank you for listening

Dont really know what i should think about it - its so strange :D But somehow i like the creepy weird feeling and its unique-ness.

Keep it on - go your way and be different!

steampianist responds:

Thank you so much and I plan to go my way hahaha