Reviews for "U: Marathon Race"

Did not see that coming o.0

nuff said.

Blakant responds:


I can't say much.

Non sequitur humor is always hit or miss. We can't all save money on Geico. I get that. I personally didn't find it funny either. But in terms of artistic merit, mirror-reversing the runner's number is kind of pathetic in a flash so short as this. I can't fathom why it would be done intentionally; the purpose of this flash was to create an atmosphere and then change it at the last second. Because of that, i'm giving the flash an overall 6/10; 3/5; A lot of points lost for something so minute, just because it's such a large part of the extremely short short. LEWL NON SEQUITUR I SAID A LOT.

Blakant responds:

if u realize, the number is mirrored frm the very scond the movie start, u should relaize it was intentional... i love to make random stuff, so that is part of it... sry if u dont realize all that

About the 'punchline'

Well yes it was from Left 4 Dead so if you've never played it, that's the reason why you are QQing about IT'S NOT FUNNEH LUL.

I'll give it a 7, i've played l4d and I do get it, it was just a bit wuh thu fuu?

Blakant responds:

waa thaa faaa? :P

If I can say anything

It's that it's got a funky bassline opening, keep that up.

Blakant responds:

thx to the msuic artist :)


i didn't even see that left 4 dead 2 reference coming