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Unexpected Scene

Your animation was really good, but I think your inspiration, was in the Explosm characters, also for the kind of storyboard, because, a lot of they're shorts are unexpected as this was, but this don't remove the enterteining or additcting as this was.

The funny content you placed was really good, and it was pretty funny and I never would suspect, that the water bottle would be some kind of venom, to be seriously, I didn't understand what had inside that bottle, but the zombies coming and I think devour the person, was really really funny and made me laugh a lot, this remember me again from the Explosm cartoon shorts.

Next time, use more creativity.
Nice animation!
Nice job!
In my opnion, you took the kinds of creative from the Explosm guys.
Do more unexpected jokes haha

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"Unexpected Scene"

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Blakant responds:

thank you for ur brilliant review man!
Explosm rlly do inspired me, but i nvr intend to duplicate his joke in any way...
If u think i took the kind of creativity from him, I'll take that as a very pleasent compliment since he one of the best author/storyteller in Flash history for me! :D



Blakant responds:

hope u enjoy it :P


good but very short.

Blakant responds:

yeah, short :)
it is a shorty...

loveing it

i still am

Blakant responds:

thank you! :D


This is really random.... I like it.

Blakant responds:

thx for liking it :D