Reviews for "U: Marathon Race"


I gotta say bud. That really got me laughing good. Lol, I didn't see that coming at all! I figured he might yank it away or just throw it at him, but boomer bile? Genius! This was done very well, and I like your sense of humor. Keep em coming. Very original.

Blakant responds:

thx for all ur compliment man.... rlly appreciate it & its an hnor to be mentioned like the way u did to me n my crew :)

L4D refrence win! :D

Wow man that was seriously funny. The animation was awesome also :3

Blakant responds:

really appreciate ur time spent to on this review :)

wait? the water...

Is the water saposta be like the puke stuff from Left 4 dead 2?? and by the way nice job. =)

Blakant responds:

yeah, bile jar :P
thx man

Zombie love that water

Love that scream XD made me laugh! attacked by mutant water and be attacked by zombie. I will say... that is very original and unique and hilarious! It was short but you make it work very well

Blakant responds:

thank you! :D


why are the 50 and the H20 backwards? It was still funny though.

Blakant responds:

i was intended to do dat... ;)
thx for thr review man!