Reviews for "U: Marathon Race"

I was surprised.

The ending, just caught me off guard. I didn't have time to laugh. I just shook my head and added the flash to favourites. Haha.

Blakant responds:

well thats juz awesome
do join in our fb page ;P

The Fuck?

Was that a bile bomb?

Blakant responds:

yup, bile jar ;)


HA! good job love the animation and the bile jar lol

Blakant responds:


Ahahaah, So good

Didn't see that coming.

But the only thing that makes this odd, is why zombies would even gang someone covered in water :P?

Blakant responds:

lol, it wont be so funny if we make it bile jar from the start cuz ppl will expect that. :)


i wasn't expecting that at all! so funny!

Blakant responds:

lol, thx!