Reviews for "U: Marathon Race"


one of them wasnt even a zombie o.o

Blakant responds:

yeah, thats Reez :P

Why the hell...

...would anyone disguise a bile bomb as a water bottle????

Blakant responds:

i think PPL SHOULD disguise a bile jar wif mineral bottle :P

H2O totally kills

The odd thing about Left4Dead zombies is that, they don't try to eat you, they beat the living crap out of you instead.

Blakant responds:

so true XD

I was like...

...something bad was gonna happen, and then something bad did happen lol.

Blakant responds:

u must be a psychic man.
thx for ur time ;)

That was cool...

Really caught me off guard... Nice animation and sound track

Just one thing though: did the music stop before showing up Sean on purpose or the sound clip was like too short?

Anyways.. You are now on my watchlist mate. I look forward to see more of your work in the future.

Blakant responds:

it was suppose to do dat
watchlist? wow, cool! :D