Reviews for "U: Marathon Race"


why was the 50 backwards XD ?
when you look at someone with a number on their chest its the right way round, unless.. were looking at all of this through a mirror! of course, why didnt i think of it sooner!

anyway the funniest bit was Reez munching on him as well XD how did he get the zombie to let him in the group lol

Blakant responds:

lol, it was suppose to be backward... since it was rlly short animation, i need to make somethingfor ppl to think xD

like Reez & the no.50


10 stars for the animation.
0 stars for the story or funny elements.
0 stars overall.

I appreciate your great work, but I just didn't find it funny or entertaining at all (which was your main purpose of creating this flash). Sorry! ;)

Blakant responds:

dude..... ur math sucks.. xD

nice animation^^

but the weird thing was that i wanted to play l4d 2 after watching this - seriously o.O there is something going on here...

Blakant responds:

i put a spell on this one :P


you deserve every star!

Blakant responds:

ouu... sparkley... thx man!


ty left 4 dead 2 for this reference. i bow at your mightyness

Blakant responds:

hahaha.... ty l4d!