Reviews for "Abductroids"


Only problem I have is when we get to that third level or whatever when we start introducing new ships. My thinking is that we should have gotten them introduced in separate levels. One reason is to make each one seem more special and the second reason is because it would shorten the level drastically. Levels, at that point become incredibily long and it makes it hard to have all your lives last if you have to perform some kamikaze attacks or if you start getting swarmed with enemies. Hell, I bought extra lives before that level and went through them like nothing. Partially my fault for being a suicidal pilot. Partially your fault for making the level so damn long... and it's only level 3.

Great work

You have done a vrey nice time killer! I like the colorful graphics you have used

enjoyed it but 2 complaints

the orange ships, for me, were mostly just a luck thing. they kept taking all my humans because i couldnt get any ships to hit them. also the levels seem so long.

Really good

I found it really good ant interesting ;)

Simple and great!

Awesome job with this one. Doing old-school arcade games is risky, but you pulled it off, congratulations!