Reviews for "Abductroids"

Very interesting composition

Saucer shots so reminds me of X-COM plasma...
Excellent work.

Maybe it's just me

Maybe there's something wrong with me, I don't know. Playing this game and seeing how poeple respond to it, I know it has something but I grew instantly bored and I feel like I shouldn't have. Still that's how I justfiy this rating personally.

Great game

My only complain is that the later levels are way too long, not only that, but they start very easy, and after a long while gets tough. This makes it very annoying to replay a level we lost, because we have to wait very long to get to the good part.

That aside, great game.


A really cool retro shooter. They don't games like this anymore...

"adds game to favorites"

this is perfect. i mean, i didn't even get very far into it, died and now writting a review before i get back to it.

but its classic redone at its best. the music, the 8bit graphics, its perfect. the upgrades...a nice touch but not old school. but, i liked it so its still perfect.