Reviews for "Abductroids"

prtty kewl!

i liked the idea,and almost everything about it, except for the shooting. no upwards shots were really irritating. beyond that its a good game.


This is an alright game but I think that there could've been more. It is alright, but still has many bugs so it gets a 6/10.


It means you have infinite lives you dumbass.


You have a small bug, or maybe its a mechanic that i'm not seeing. If you don't put any points into lives per level the number listed at the top says Inf. Is this a glitch or am i missing something here?

Retro and good

This game is a nice minimalistic approach of a pseudo 8 bit game, which is good from the design as it is from the kind of new creative concept of a side-shooting-game.
The only thing I would add to it is the availability of switching controls, because in my opinion D and X are difficult to handle on a normal keyboard.