Reviews for "Automation"

I'm freaking blown away with your work buddy. Everything i'm hearing is amazing.. This kinda reminds me of a song you would hear in a Tim Burton film. Very clock-worky for my lack of better words. Wonderfully done I must say. You indeed got your ten on this one. Well earned and wonderful. I'm VERY impressed!


Step responds:

Oh HELL yes. My life is complete!

I'm really flattered. I agree, it does sound like something you'd hear in a Tim Burton film!

Very glad you like it, thanks a lot for the review!

Another amazing song. I love how it gives off a steampunk-ish vibe. Keep up the good work! I really enjoy your music :)

Step responds:

That's so great to hear! Thank you.

What an absolutley amazing piece. There's so much going on I was impressed at nearly every bar. What an amazing composition.

Let me start off. The intro left me feeling violated and a little creeped out, but then mystery and discovery made it's way in at about :20. Then I started feeling the creativity at :43 with that lovley oboe you introduced. I have to say, the sounds you used here are amazing. From about 1:00 I could feel the experimentation. Getting to the outro, at around 2:00 I started feeling triumph which bled out to satisfaction with the bells and orchestra hit.

What an amazing piece Step. I truly think you will go far with what you create. Thanks for being such an amazing addition to NG audio.

Step responds:

Oh wow, I'm flattered! What a supportive and encouraging review. Reading your analysis of the piece's atmosphere was great, because sometimes when you make your own music you may think it evokes one kind of mood but other people would think completely differently, so it's nice to see what you think of it.

Small note; that's a clarinet, not an oboe. I always get the two mixed up so I don't blame you for the mistake haha.

Thanks a million, I'm really glad you enjoyed this.

Whoo! This is quite excellent I must say! :D

I like your use of sound effects to create a great atmosphere for your music. The non-musical elements of your music which in turn completes the music! Soemthing that I need to work on personally. >.>;

Great track that conveys great imagery!

Step responds:

Yay, thank you :3. Non-musical elements are really helpful to beef up your music, I find; I use them in loads of different songs of mine.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review!

I'm enjoying the many mechanical counter poises that are going on in this track! Makes me feel like I walked into a factory where lots of automatons were being tested.

I'll be suggesting this to the 8bitalliance.com podcast. The show will be up in a couple days with this track (if they choose it, of course).

Thanks for the tranquil melody ^_^

Step responds:

And thank you for the review ^_^. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for recommending this!