Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"


get way to hard waty to wuickly so i gave up- put more quests on or make it actually possible to do


but how do I use the crystals to make weapons???please someone answer me by message!!!!!pleaseeeeeeeee

Really Good Stuff

Nothing more to say, and i've been looking at lots of reviews, and heck, people complain way too much.


really sweet game, im like 4 hours in already, super addicted to it.

i really like the zelda style game play with the diablo 2 type thing. this is my fav flash game on ng to date.

need help with crafting items though, its pissin me off lol. i put up my armor, plus a medium water, and medium earth crystal, trying to get 10% drop rate, and it wont work. if anyone can help me that b great

and i agree with the kid below me, u should make it to where we can replay with new difficulty, that would be bomb

Perfect game

As long as i played abaut 2 days from now I'm lvl 14 , the small green stones gives+3crit chance, well and the blue boxes gives you excellent items, well there is still a lot what I don't know yet.