Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

yeah, overall it's a great game, but there are problems that just serve to piss you off. getting killed means you restart in the village, with no way of getting back to where you were without running miles back. this leads to annoying enemies sometimes stopping you from getting to where you need to go.

the leveling system is screwed up, mainly because you need to grind senselessly to get strong enough to deal with the next enemy you need to defeat to finish a mission, and even after you think you are strong enough, an even tougher enemy pops up stopping you from getting to the enemy you wanted to get to in the first place, the one that made you spend hours grinding levels to get to in the first place.

enemies also hit you for way too much, and potions are sold in little amounts (10 healing potions when you get to chapter three. only ten, and you have to hope you will find more out in the wild). the worst thing is when an enemy attacks you with magic attacks that take away 200 hp in one hit. even magic resistance effects added to your armor don't really reduce it much, and it just pisses you off when you thought that you could fight something simple but BAM! magic attack ._. something you didn't know you REALLY had to prepare for.

decent drops are also rare, seeing as how i rarely see any blue crystals or whatever when i spend an hour grinding for levels. crystals are very very rare, and the most i get are red crystals that aren't really too useful when looking at their effects. the majority of drops is crappy equipment that sells for 100 gold or something, and that alone takes up too much space.

space is the biggest problem. i have no clue why you can't stack items. thankfully in the sequel you can, but before the full version was released, you would think that this idea would have been implemented by then. but nope. with the random equipment and need for so many potions (SO MANY POTIONS) you barely have space for anything good that you want to save because you aren't a high enough level >_<*

the good points are few but noticeable, but the game just gets needlessly repetitive. the only way to fix this is to spend money. this sucks because sometimes you don't have any money to spend on pixels.

Awesome! One of the best games i've played in a while! looking forward to playing Arcuz 2

one word: AWESOME!!

mung goluytis is gud

wow this game is good enjoy