Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

this is a good game

A great RPG from Arcuz

I keep coming back to try and finish this, taking my time and all, so you've definitely done something right. The game is engaging, the crafting system is nice, the stats seem to be adequately balanced. All in all, if players put thought into their character, the experience is very enjoyable.

But I had one problem:
I found a +4 Knight's shield, with over 60 defense, a 23% block chance at level 0, in the forest of guilt I think . I upgraded the blocking two levels, to 29%, added drop rate, saved outside of town because I had to go, but when I came back, what I had was a +0 knight's shield, with a level one upgrade, 39 defense, and one level of drop rate.
(rest of the equipment intact)
I had saved a back up shield in the storage crates in case that happened, because I'd lost a gauntlet before (can't remember if I saved out of town that time), but I found that the crates were wiped out as well...

To the author, why did this happen, so I can avoid it in the future, because I still wanna play the game

To other players, anyone else lose equipment from their inventory/storage crates?

Thanks for an otherwise amazing game! This issue I've had takes away a star, man.

Excellent game. It wasn't hard at all for me.

I agree with alot of other peoples reviews but The game itself is really great. Like all games like this it needs a wiki or something to show full item details and a item build tree.