Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

add some achievement rpg game more interesting that way. Please remove the must log into to save progress. Don't just use your game to advertise other site it's annoying and not making me want to play at the other website

This would be a good game... if it weren't for the fact that you cannot save this game locally and have to log into facebook or this "MochiGames" to even keep progress. Obviously a pethetic attempt to gain funding and advertisement.

I actually played this game years ago. Back then there was no need for account logging to save progress, so why now?

Don't play this game until the creator smartens up.

I played for a few hours and the game was telling me that it was saving locally, but there is no option to load game on the title screen.

Don't waste your time with this until the creator fixes that glaring issue.

I remember playing this in high school. I almost beat it, and I added it as a favorite, planning to beat it later because it was a great, fun game. It's a shame I never will because Mochigames has shut down (guys, stop blaming the game creator for that...) but I do remember it was a very fun game.

wtf i can't save i have already mochigames this game is crazy