Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

Really god ARPG but...

You need to do a lot of grinding to get through the game,

the game is awesome but...

...need faster levels

This was pretty cool....

But the magic abilities take WAY TOO LONG to recover, sure it took all my magic, but to not use it for 5 minutes when I got my SP back is just retarded, especially when ALL OF THEM DO IT!! And one level up could mean life or death, and every enemy that is equal in level to you is some how twice your strength, that makes no sense.

Also the final boss was too hard even with maxed level, which is another problem the cap is 35, thats a strange number to stop at, especially when the final boss is level SUPER 35 which is 6 million times stronger than you will ever be, and the fucker gets 3 times faster and twice as strong with an infinite meteor strike after you take 3/4 of his health bar, why doesn't that asshole have to wait 5 minutes to do that gay Meteor strike but I got to wait to do big bang that might get canceled by thunder enemies near by.

Other than those retarded problems this game is a great time waster, but these problems are extremely serious killers to my enjoyment.

Played this on armor games

It's a fun game, and has huge potential, but after a while the difficulty shoots WAY up. It needs a softer cap, or a better way to gain skills and xp to be playable for a longer period of time. Currently it's very near unplayable unless you grind like crazy.

Which is understandable in a mmo or such, but in a flash game, I'd rather not spend hours and hours to raise my level by one or two.

i dig this game

im not a "huge" fan of games like "diablo" and what not, but this game is very fun, cute characters, it seems to need a "bigger" platform other than flash. i believe this would make an excellent stand-alone computer title by itself.

other than that one complaint about the size of the game making it kinda cumbersome to play, it's an excellent submission and i'm very very impressed with it. nice!! keep em coming!!!!!