Reviews for "H.A.W.X 2- The 8-bit game"


I've been a fan of these shooters for a long time and this one had that exact classic feel I like. The art for the planes on the selection screen was probably the best use of pixels ever.

Also, is there a chance of a Far Cry flash game ever being made by you guys? That'd be cool as shit.

What can I say?

I am so glad that I was able to undercover how fantastic this game really was! I was not that impressed at first, but then I realized it had everything I could want in a shooting game like it! It is so addictive, especially given how it is hard to get further than two levels. The enemies all had great designs and it was so well done. You really had to show you skill by manuvering against the hundreds of blasts that were against you. This proves the best thing to do is to keep the shooting button always on.

so cool

it is just a cool game best air game on newgrounds

Very Nice

Good solid game, great advertising ubisoft I will definatly consider getting this game. Consider it a success

people that cant dodge the enemy fire are very bad at this game or have some problems with flash player . this game is awesome .