Reviews for "Metropolis Mayhem [Song]"

My Sonic Team With Rhythm heaven Characters!
Team Fever:
Sonic: Karate Joe
Tails: Rhythm Girl
Knucs: See/Saw
Team Heaven:
Shadow: Stomp Farmer (Male)
Rouge: Stomp Farmer (Female)
Omega: Space Kicker/Space Soccer Kid
Team Tengoku:
Amy Rose: Tram
Cream Rabbit: Pauline
Big: WoodCutter Bear note: He's not from rhythm tengoku he is from rhythm heaven megamix/the best plus.
Team DJ:
Espio: DJ Blue
Charmy: DJ Yellow
Vector: Rap Man Red.
Egg man: Quiz Host
Metal Sonic: Evil Karate Joe.
Sonic.Exe: Bloody Karate Joe

me: will guys, guess we made it here safe and sound
Tails: sanic don,t kssi the piness
Me: mostly safe and sound
Knuckles:HEY! Don't look at me
Me: whatever let's just get moving

Oh my god, i Want to be a Vocal One Day! *O* X3 ~Just...a Dream~

awesome why am i always left off