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Reviews for "Cloud Control"

this is truly

a great work of art 10/10
original concept, very soothing music!
this would be perfect if it was in the apps store so i can play it while in the plane. staring at the clouds below me :)

Awesome and unique!

I really like this game. Its an old puzzle type thing but presented in a fresh new way, which is always cool to see. Its nice and relaxing, the sort of thing you want to play after a long day at work. And I really liked the music as well (who is that, by the way?) Any reason for the war scenes going on below?

Love it

I cant say anything without infatuation about this game because of the music which i love, makes up for the frustration caused by failure. I don't know why you stopped here, out of ideas or time, I wanted more stages. Other than that a beautiful game.

Enjoyed it :)

Now where can I find that soundtrack!?!?!?!

Well that was fun. :) Potential sequel with snow clouds, maybe...?

I love the idea, the difficulty balance/progression, and the ambient or catastrophic backgrounds you so slyly say we shouldn't pay attention to (reverse psychology hmm). Looks great, plays great, all's great.

Takes some time to complete but well worth it.