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Reviews for "Cloud Control"

its fucking annoying

Well that was fun. :) Potential sequel with snow clouds, maybe...?

I love the idea, the difficulty balance/progression, and the ambient or catastrophic backgrounds you so slyly say we shouldn't pay attention to (reverse psychology hmm). Looks great, plays great, all's great.

Takes some time to complete but well worth it.


It's nice to be able to get away from some of the explosive awesomeness of Newgrounds and find some things relaxed and challenging. Great job here!

A good game of pure strategy and skill. Hard and addicting, the way some games should be!

Awesome small game! Dig the calmness, the choir music, the clean drawing style, the precise movement, the funny-shaped clouds..the animations in the background (down below) were a surprising addition that prevented boredom. Loved it!