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Reviews for "Draze & 666 - Super Fly [CRMX]"

Ok, but only OK...

I notice from what voice you took it... These vocals if from 666 or Aquagen (cant remember, but i have heard the original)

Anyhow, it's a ok submission, but maybe a bit much compressed at some points... Sorry, if i'm bit harrish, but it's my review :)

Draze responds:

Yes 666 did most of the vocals.

Party anyone?

Love the smooth transitions to one part to another; I never seem to find enough songs with that. I'll definatly be playing this whenever I want a good dance. Love how the beat doesn't get repetitive ^^ I'll definatly keep an eye out for your other stuff


Wow thats incredibly ! how long did you work at it?

Draze responds:

All added up, roughly 5 hours :)


I love this one, specialy the voice, this is one im sure as hell is going to dll, i simply love it, among with alot of ur other songs (a) ur good dude, keep it up !^_^

Draze responds:

Hehe yeah thanx

Nice step

A bit repetitive though at some points. Alot of variation too though. Sorry, I'm not in the mood for a good review but my buddy asked me to so I'll just rate ya 9/10. Download, and 5'ved.

Draze responds:

Dude! Repetitive and variation are oppisite words :P i don't know how this song can have both but, thanx :)

And yes thx for reviewin,